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About SciFairMaster

SciFairMaster is a table driven application comprised of forms, reports, applications, and website that support the normal process flow, data gathering and reporting for a small to very large science fair. It is structured around the ISEF exhibit categories and judging criteria - but you can change that to suit your own needs.  Here are just a few of the many features:

  • Community Based:  SciFairMaster is free and is supported by you and other users. The author also continues to implement enhancements. You are free do changes, enhance, distribute and develop support products as long as the original copyrights and license remain unchanged. See License.
  • Proven: Used by the University of New Mexico for the Central New Mexico Science and Engineering Research Challenge for many years, and by the New Mexico State Science Fair, this solution has been structured to support the process from event design through online registration, reporting, judging, certificates and award ceremonies. And, it has been tested to be reliable. 
  • Flexible Setup:  
    • SciFairMaster is not hardcoded to any organization or Fair. You configurable everything in a few tables - for small school fairs, regional fairs or state science fairs. 
    • Create, and organize the exhibit categories the way you want - how many, their names and how each is judged.
    • Create judging sub categories for each exhibit category or judging categories for each or for multiple exhibit categories.
    • Design your awards ceremony scripts. One, two or three separate ceremonies - each with it's own script produced automatically but designed by you. You decide which awards are presented in each ceremony.
    • Special Awards: Enter special awards given by organizations or persons and decide in which ceremony each award is presented.
    • Create judging criteria for each category - up to 6 criteria for each category. Or, use the same criteria for all categories - you choose.
  • Web Based Registration for Exhibitors Teachers and Judges. 
    • Data entry is reduced by letting your exhibit students, teachers and judges register on-line. You just import their registrations into the database and your data entry is reduced to a button click!
    • We provide webbased forms to allow your chairperson or staff to enter the final ranking results, select the exhibits to advance (to state fair) and select those to advance to ISEF.
    • Use the downloadable website as a starting point for your website or just include the pages provided into your website. Either way, the difficult design and coding has been done for you - and complete instructions for configuring your server are included..
    • The solution is structured to support a website hosted by a Windows ASP.NET server but can be adapted to any website.
    • If you already have a website, you can place the included ASP.NET website on your your exiisting server or elsewhere, then just add links in your existing website to the new site - adding all the functionality provided by SciFairMaster.
  • Automatic Judge Assignments:  After the exhibits and judges have been registered, a few clicks and the judges are automatically assigned to judge the exhibits according to your pre-determined criteria.
  • Supports Special Awards: Many organizations will want to award exhibitors, volunteers, teachers or others based on their own judges criteria. This will make your fair more exciting for your exhibitors and the public. SciFairMaster supports many types of special awards.
  • Category Judges evaluate exhibits using mobile devices or PCs using secure password protected mobile friendly web pages.
  • Or, Scanner based judge forms: The application supports the Apperson Education Products Benchmark scanners.
    • Pre-print the generic judging forms available from Apperson Education Products with your scoring criteria.
    • After judges mark the forms, Scan the forms with the Benchmark scanners.
    • Import the data to SciFairMaster.
    • Import from other sources can be adapted.
  • Caucus based final ranking:  Based on your design, one or more caucus events allow for the final determination of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and honorable mention ranking for each category.  Normally, final ranking can be entered using secure password protected website mobile friendly web pages.
  • Selection of exhibits that advance to the next level:  Website tools simplify the voting process by Chair Persons when determining exhibits advancing (I.E. from school to regional, regional to State or ISEF and state to ISEF). The provided tools are secure and password protected.
  • Certificates, Reports and More:  After the judging results are in, most events have little time to prepare the certificates, reports, lists and other items required.  SciFairMaster has most of the work done before hand thus saving time and effort during your event.
    • Many pre-designed reports, certificates, lists.  Or, because the solution uses Microsoft Access, it is easy for you to design your own. 
    • Predesigned certificates pull the information specific to your event and the winners from the setup tables. Event name, year, exhibitor, teacher, school, category Etc. 
  • Automatically Generated Script:    The end result of your event is to reward the young scientists and engineers for their efforts - and to present the results to the public.  Whether this is a small gathering of parents, teachers and students or a large public event, you will need a script for the masters of ceremonies to follow - complete with breaks for special announcements by specific individuals and including special awards as well as exhibitors ranking and advancement to the next level.  All this is generated with the click of a button after the judging results are in.  And, you design the sequence of the announcements well before your event.  And, you can create one script for one ceremony or up to three scripts for three ceremonies.  An example for a large regional event may be a Junior exhibitors ceremony and a Senior exhibitors ceremony to announce awards specific to those exhibitors and then a Master Ceremony script to announce the big winners and which exhibitors advance to the next level.  It is all in your control and you configure it - and test it-  before your event.
  • Microsoft Access:
    • Provides reliability and flexibility for easy edits or additions to the solution.
    • You have complete access to all of the source code, forms and reports design. Nothing is proprietary.
    • Proven technology:  MS Access has been used for years for small to very large distributed solutions.
    • Training:  There are many on-line and other training courses to help you learn Access. Some are at no charge
    •  SciFairMaster can operate with Access 2007, 2010 and 2013 (Office 365)
  • Available Training and Consulting and Support:  If you and your organization have Access training and experience SciFairMaster will probably be easy to use out of the box. However, if you need help setting up the first time, developing your website or just using SciFairMaster, help is on the way, Training and consulting services are available now.  Contact the author through the Support Forum or the University of New Mexico STEM-H Center for Outreach, Research & Education.