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Welcome to the download and support site for SciFairMaster - a complete solution for managing the registrations, organization, judging and awards for schools, regional and state science fairs, SciFairMaster is a Microsoft Access and ASP.NET website solution developed over 25+ years for the Stemed office at the University of New Mexico. It is also used at the New Mexico State Science Fair. SciFairMaster is FREE to download and use and is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.  License

   What is SciFairMaster? Click to learn more.

   Guest Downloads: Want to learn more?  You may want to read these before downloading the application. 
          Download Installation Fast Start Guide  Instructions on installation, first time setup, getting started, setting up your workstation and website.
          Note: For security reasons, SciFairMaster.chm may be blocked after download. Right click it, select properties and unblock it to see contents.   
          SciFairMaster.chm  The windows help file for SciFairMaster.  Overview, history, and lots and lots of details on setting up and using SciFairMaster.
               This document is long and detailed and covers most everything.  

   Registered Users Downloads:  Revision 7.1.0 12/13/2017 is now available. 
               You must have an account to download the application files.  If you do not yet have an account, please register.
  We do not share your information with anyone.  We will only send you emails for urgent notices.
               Please remember your login information - we do not yet have links to reset your password, etc  (coming soon)
          Download Application or Updates  Here you will find the complete application software distribution download (for first time installation)
              and/or the current released version of those items which change from time to time - I.E.  SciFairMaster, SciFairMasterWebSite, and others. 
              Some downloads are compressed to save download time.  These downloads end in the extension .zip.
              You will need a program to un-zip the '.zip' downloads.  There are many options. Search the web for "un-zip files" to find a program.

        Support for SciFairMaster is through the user community support forum.  Go To Support Forum
        Special consulting services for installation, training and support are available. Contact the author thru the support forum. 

   System Requirements:
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 10.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Access 2007,  2010, 2013, 365    
  • For Website installation you will need a windows ASP.NET server on the same intranet as the workstations running the Access application.
    See Installation and Fast Start Guide for details